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23mm - 24mm each (save for the pale blue, which are around 1 inch, or 25 1/2 mm). Individually hand cut and glazed. Perfect for your hand knit or hand sewn items! Being a knitter myself, I made sure the holes will accommodate a tapestry needle. Glaze is only on front side, back is unglazed.

This page is under re-construction as my buttons have changed a bit, so I've deleted the "add to cart" buttons while I work. Feel free to email me if you'd like buttons and this notice is still up, as I have quite a few in stock (just not necessarily the ones listed).


Scroll down to see other colors.

Above: Purple with shadow dots

Above: Black with shadow dots

Above: Blue with shadow dots
Above: Pale Blue - temporarily out of stock

 Above: Ancient Jasper - DISCONTINUED and out of stock. Replacement color coming soon.

Above: Shadow green

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