Heidi's Pottery Store

23mm - 24mm each (save for the pale blue, which are around 1 inch, or 25 1/2 mm). Individually hand cut and glazed. Perfect for your hand knit or hand sewn items! Being a knitter myself, I made sure the holes will accommodate a tapestry needle. Glaze is only on front side, back is unglazed.

I'm discontinuing my buttons, and rather than photograph the ones that are currently in stock (many different from what's pictured here), I'm only going to be selling them in person at shows. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Scroll down to see other colors.

Above: Purple with shadow dots

Above: Black with shadow dots

Above: Blue with shadow dots
Above: Pale Blue - temporarily out of stock

 Above: Ancient Jasper - DISCONTINUED and out of stock. Replacement color coming soon.

Above: Shadow green

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