Heidi's Pottery Store


These tumblers are $35 each.

I have eight colors and six designs available. Order in two easy steps: 1. Go to your desired color, 2. Use the drop down list to choose your pattern. I will then invoice you for actual shipping charges**, rounded up $1-$2 for packaging and handling.

Tumblers range from 3.5 to just over 4 inches in height, and usually hold between 7 and 9 ounces.

I generally have many in stock, but please allow up to 4 weeks for your cups to ship in case I need to make them to order. Feel free to email me to see what patterns I have in your chosen color (or vice versa) available for immediate shipment.


Choose a Red Design
Choose an Orange Design
Choose a Yellow Design
Choose a Light Green Design
Choose a Blue Green Design
Choose a Turquoise Design
Choose a Med. Blue Design
Choose a Dark Blue Design
**Depending on where in the USA you live, one tumbler will likely cost between $7 and $10 to ship. I could probably ship a set of eight to the furthest destination in the USA for $30 or maybe a little less. Feel free to email me for an estimated shipping cost on your desired number of tumblers to your city.

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