Current Glazes

These are most of the glazes I'm working with at the moment, though I have a few new ones that aren't up here yet. If you would like to have something custom made, please choose a glaze or glaze combination from this page or from my "yarn bowls" page (as that page changes frequently and always has up to date colors), or contact me about other colors you see on my site to see if they're currently in use.

I have started using a few more of these colors since this photo was taken (there is another orange and there are also two more blues). Click to the tumbler page to see them all.


shadow green

turquoise green

mottled blue over black



celadon with iron oxide design

mottled blue


stripes - shadow green over black

stripes - shadow green over celadon


stripes - black over mottled blue

stripes - mottled blue over black              


black with bottled blue over rim

mottled blue over black with center overlap

shadow green over celadon



Drip Combinations - These work better on vertical surfaces.  

shadow green over black

turquoise green over purple

turquoise green over black

shadow green over purple



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