Heidi's Pottery Store

Kit consists of 100% Badger hair brush and cup.

**Due to the handmade nature of the handles (every one is hand thrown on the wheel out of porcelain), exact size and shape of each brush differs.
**These are generally made to order and will take 2-4 weeks to ship out unless I happen to have your color choice in stock. Feel free to email me to see what I have in stock at the moment, as I do generally like to have a few choices.
Colors Available

Bay Rum - Reminiscent of barber shops of old. This vibrant blend is strong, clean, and ever so sexy.

Gentlemen's Blend - Tobacco and black tea are the dominate notes with hints of fruit and spice. This fragrance is heady, masculine and evokes images of the classic well dressed gentleman.
What's in your bar?

- coconut oil is moisturizing and makes a nice, fluffy lather.

- castor oil is a conditioning oil. It adds lather and richness without being drying. 

- palm oil adds richness and mildness to the bar.

- soybean oil for a mild, firm lather. 

- bentonite clay to give your razor that essential slip.

- sodium hydroxide, an essential component of soap making. It combines with fatty acids of the oils in a process called saponification. The result is an extraordinary bar of cleansing and moisturizing goodness.

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