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Raku is a firing technique known for its unpredictablility. Wares may crack or even explode in the firing due to thermal shock, and pieces rarely come out as you expect. The kiln is brought up to temperature (around 1800 degrees F) very quickly, and then it is opened, and the glowing red hot pottery is carefully removed and placed in a reduction chamber (like a lidded metal trash can) full of combustible material. At that point, you quickly add more combustibles on top of the piece and try to put the lid on before the flames escape!

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Unfortunately I don't have any other raku work available at the moment.

Raku Vase

5.5" x 6"

This vase is a stunning example of a copper glaze in raku firing. So many different colors appeared when the flames started licking the vase in the reduction chamber.

For decorative use only, not food or dishwasher safe.

Raku pieces are slightly porous. If water is to be placed directly in the vase, the vase should be put on something waterproof to protect the surface it's sitting on (it will leave a damp ring). Alternately, water can be placed in a jar inside the vase.

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